Posted by: GLeung in on 10 6 月, 2010

Company Profile


Eset Limited with its wholly owned subsidiarie Globe Net Limited have been serving the market in the fields of lightning protection, for over twenty years. Our group of technicians is the only working group who has installed and monitored the system performance for 6 of the 20 tallest building in the world. The new economy, spurred by the revolution of Internet, has made our company the most in demand for Transient Voltage Surge Suppression in Southeast Asia. Eset's team of highly-qualified professionals include MBAs in the management, registered professional engineers and chartered engineers in the electrical engineering section, experienced science degree sales engineers in marketing, a strong accounting and financing division, licensed technicians and certified workers in this particular field, even all the measuring instrument would be calibrated every year. The market territories that we service are primarily China, Hong Kong and Macau. We have agents in different countries in the Southeast Asia that work with us for most of our product lines. Eset limited also associated with LPS of Malaysia and LPS-Tech of Singapore. We provide the most innovative and best performing products, as well as reliable services and technical support.


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